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Thursday 30th January 2024

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We are working on some really cool stuff for the network, including regular support events and a website full of useful articles.

Articles will cover a spectrum of freelancer-related topics, from the practical advantages of networking to insightful advice for newcomers and strategies for achieving success.

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Leicester & Leicestershire Freelancer Network hosts a monthly networking event known as Countryside Connect, an opportunity for entrepreneurs and freelancers to forge meaningful connections in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

Countryside Connect is designed with a purposeful approach, embodying the network’s commitment to inclusivity and camaraderie. The event stands out for its informal nature, extending a warm welcome to everyone, with a special focus on encouraging newcomers.

Attendees can expect a friendly introduction to ensure they feel part of the vibrant community from the outset. The network takes pride in selecting picturesque venues across the Leicestershire countryside, adding a touch of charm to each gathering.

Countryside Connect adopts a straightforward meet-and-mingle format, deliberately avoiding lengthy presentations, elevator pitches, or speeches. The emphasis is on genuine interactions and fostering connections.

Countryside Connect takes place on the third Tuesday of every month – usually from 10am to 12pm. While most gatherings are free of charge, occasional nominal fees may apply to cover venue-related costs.

Please note that we are no longer using Eventbrite for bookings.

Please go the Countryside Connect Networking Booking Page to reserve your place at the the next event, or click here to read more about Countryside Connect.

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